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Resin Roundup: 1/25 scale kits perfect for police cruisers

A late-80s Ford Crown Victoria and 1978 Chevrolet Nova offer great options to fans of cop cars
The resin aftermarket for model car builders has been running strong for more than 35 years. Admittedly, early resin casters at times offered some ugly products, but high-quality resin parts came into their own with manufacturers like Replicas & Miniatures Co. of Maryland, All-American Models, and the Modelhaus, who helped legitimize the resin market and set the standard for quality.

Although All-American Models and the Modelhaus are no longer in business, other small companies have emerged to fill the gaps in the resin market, producing models, conversion kits, and upgrade parts that provide you with a vast array of alternatives to mainstream plastic kits. 

This time around, let’s open a couple of recent offerings from a company called Mastercaster.

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1988-91 Ford Crown Victoria
Price: $110

Greg Wann at Mastercaster has been offering car bodies and other parts for several years. Across the hobby, Mastercaster products have been well received. 

Mastered by police car modeler Dwayne Larrviere, this Crown Victoria kit includes a body, full interior, separate hood, front fascia, vacuum-formed glass, chassis, wheels, wheel backs, hubcaps, soft resin tires, bumpers, grille, side mirrors, and head and taillights. It comes with two complete interiors (dash, side panels, and steering wheels and columns) that allow you to build the year you prefer. The chassis appears to be based on a modified Lindberg Crown Vic chassis. No chrome-plated parts.

The parts display no significant bubbles or deformations but be prepared to clean flash out of the window and hood openings. Mastercaster leaves the flash in place to reduce the chances of fragile components breaking during shipping. 

I plan to model a California Highway Patrol cruiser with this kit. CHP used full wheel covers on Crown Vics of this era, so I’ve commandeered wheels and tires from a Lindberg ’96 Crown Victoria. 

Overall, this is a sharp kit and is as complete as any produced by Modelhaus — more so. As with other resin kits, some additional cleanup may be required, but it’s minimal in this case. And the price falls in line with other short-run resin kits.

1978 Chevrolet Nova four-door sedan
Price: $75 

Chevrolet began to experiment with down-sized police package sedans in the mid-70s. Using the Nova platform, they added heavy-duty components and a 350 V8 to produce a car that was both durable and quick. Sheriff departments in Los Angeles and San Diego were among many agencies that used the Nova for patrol duties.

Another mold from Dwayne Larriviere, Mastercaster’s Nova transkit is for use with the MPC ’79 Chevy Nova coupe. The most recent iteration of this kit is the MPC Squad Rod (No. MPC851), an ersatz police car street machine. Fortunately, the MPC kit includes stock parts, so building a ’78 Nova sedan makes for an easy conversion. 

The transkit includes a body, hood, 1978 grille, bumpers, taillights, outer wheels, and hubcaps. As with the Crown Victoria, no parts are plated. Because Squad Rod kit offers two differently sized tires, you’ll probably need to source a set of four that are the same size. I recommend using the AMT Goodyear Polyglas GT Tires Parts Set (No. AMTPP006). 

The Mastercaster Nova sedan body holds up to the full-size car, and Dwayne worked hard to get the detailing just right for the interior backdoor panels. However, the interior panels for the front doors aren’t quite as good. If you’re inclined, you can up the detail on the front panels with styrene strip. The dash, front seat, and steering wheel look excellent. 
The chassis from the MPC ’79 Nova drops right in. I’ve been asked about using the AMT Nova, but the MPC kit is the better choice because it makes for less work.

Like the Mastercaster Crown Victoria, the parts in this transkit are nicely produced. I’m impressed with the parts fit and how the car sits overall. For cop car modelers, this kit is a must have.

For more information about Mastercaster and a complete product listing, contact Greg Wann at


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