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AMT Funny Fueler Digger

Kit No.: AMT 1154/12
Scale: 1/25
Mfr.: Round 2,
Price: $26.99
Comments: 75 injection-molded plastic parts (white, chrome plated, clear orange, clear blue), four vinyl tires; decals
Pros: Extra decals; tinted window options
Cons: Body fit issues; no parts lis
The Digger ’Cuda is a throwback to the wild dragsters from the ’60s and ’70s when a five-point harness and a parachute on the back were all the safety measures anyone needed.

A quick glance at the parts in this kit reveals both the one-piece tubular chassis and long body to go over it are both straight. I was glad to see this, because long single parts like that can warp and make fit and finish a challenge.

The instructions have you start with the detailed Hemi engine. After assembling the engine halves, I had to do a little cleanup for a solid fit to the transmission, but nothing major. Note: The injector riser sits atop the blower-case assembly. I left this piece off until I had assembled the entire chassis and engine, because the injector scoop and riser stick out through the body’s roof. Waiting to the end to attach it allowed me to center it properly.

The simplicity of the one-piece chassis helps ease assembly of the rear axle, transmission, and clutch housing. The Digger’s front end is simple, consisting of the front axle and a tie rod. The instructions don’t clearly show how the tie rod is attached to the axle. Test-fit the part before gluing it.

Considering the front wheels halves: One has thicker spokes than the other. The thicker spokes face the staging beam. Pay attention to the notches on the inside of the wheel halves to make sure they line up correctly. The two-piece rear wheels fit the pad-printed MH Racemaster drag slicks well.

The two front radius rods are installed from the front axle to the frame. Again, the instructions are vague, so test-fit the parts before gluing. When the engine seats to the frame, you can really see things start to take shape. However, I had to round out a few spots on the upper half of the body to clear the roll cage. Do not paint the body before you’re ready to install it! Make sure you have made all the adjustments and it’s ready to go before putting paint to plastic.

You have a variety of graphic options on the decal sheet. I went with the decals from the box art, and they all settled beautifully. If you use the box-art decals, you will have to cut the side marking down the center to separate the top from the bottom. After paint and decals, installing the steering arm down the side, headers underneath, and the parachute in back round out the build.

A fun trip to a bygone era of drag racing, the Digger builds up quickly and makes a great vintage addition to your collection. If you don’t have one already, pick it up. And a second one won’t hurt.


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