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Resin Roundup: High-quality Oldsmobile and interior detailing for a pickup

A look at Dan Decko's 1962 Oldsmobile Super 88 and Drag City Casting's interior for AMT's 1953 Ford F-100

Even though I’ve been evaluating and building resin kits and parts for 30 years, every now and again I run across something that just blows my hair back. Here’s a couple of examples.

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Decko’s ’62 Olds 88 features a flawless body molded in bright white resin. Surface details like emblems and trim were crisp and clean on this example.
The chassis is molded in black resin and like the body is clean with good detail and no flaws.
The early ‘60s Johan-style interior features seats molded in place with a separate, detailed dashboard and steering wheel.
The bumpers and grill are also plated and are clean and crisp. Taillights are provided in red resin. This kit could be assembled as-is to look like a promo if you prefer.
The plated wheelcovers feature intricate detail and are mounted on wide whitewalls. Black resin wheelbacks are also provided.
Dan Decko’s 1962 Oldsmobile Super 88 four-door hard top
$130.00 (depending on demand) plus shipping 
25 parts 
Sold only on eBay at deckoco 

For years, model car builders used the term “Modelhaus Quality” to describe how well a resin kit was realized and cast. Don and Carol Holthaus and their crew really became the standard for resin cast car models. Only a few manufacturers measured up to that standard. 

But I have seen one now. This ’62 Olds 88 is one of the most extraordinary sets of castings that I have seen in years. The underside of parts is as clean as the top side. Moldings are crisp, especially around the emblems and chrome trim, and the level of finish is just…well, I was stunned. 

Decko’s Olds appears to be based on the kit version of Johan’s old Super 88 four-door hardtop. This resin kit features a flawless body with no issues; an interior bucket with seats molded in; separate, detailed dash and steering wheel; chassis; four wheelcovers mounted on crisp wide whitewall tires; wheelbacks; separate red taillights; front and rear bumpers; vacuum-formed glass; two fender skirts; and four screws to mount the chassis to the body. 

The wheelcovers and bumpers/grill are intricate and beautifully plated, and the vacuum-formed glass is as clean as I’ve ever seen—no bumps, dust spots, just clear, shiny plastic. 

Detail is at least as good as the old Johan version, and the parts are cleaned up with no flash. This is one of those kits you look at and say, “I want to build that.” 

Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s unique and rare, and the quality is second to none. If you like those big old ‘60s chrome barges as I do, this is a great subject matter for your next resin project.

Drag City Casting’s ’53 F-100 interior set is designed to work with the AMT kit. Door panels improve the AMT kit’s detailing, while the cool ‘60s tuck-and-roll interior features separate door hardware.

Drag City Casting’s custom interior set for the AMT 1953 Ford F-100
$16.50, plus shipping 
10 parts 
Contact Drag City Casting on Facebook for more information

My only complaint about AMT’s sweet old ’53 Ford F-100 is that the door panels are molded to the inside of the body. That means that they’re curved, not straight up and down. And the relief isn’t all that great. 

I’ve always wanted to do some kind of interior panels for that truck, but now there’s a resin set. These are for a custom tuck and roll interior. The set includes two pleated door panels, a pleated seat, separate door handles and window cranks, small armrests, and a template to use to fill the gap below the kit’s dash (in the stock kit you can actually see the front wheels from the interior at some angles). 

Ed Fluck from Drag City told me that he applied each pleat separately using half-round plastic strips. It was a tedious job, but the result is super. And the casting quality is exceptional — no pits, no voids, no bubbles, just clean resin parts. 

This is a cool set and will really dress up a custom ’53 whether mild or wild. Great parts and a great price. 


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