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Resin Roundup: Chevrolet all the way with a Corvair Rampside and big-block engine

A truly unique resin pickup kit and a massive engine with lots of versions
These parts form the basis for the Iceman Collections 572 Chevy engine. Note the “572 Chevrolet” embossed on the valve covers.
This particular engine kit provided exhaust headers, intake manifold, carburetor, water pump, and valve cover breathers.
Depending on which engine you order, Iceman offers different intake set ups. Note the detail on the fan belt, alternator, and carburetor. These are based on 3D printed masters. Sharp but fragile.
Other available accessories include this set of disc brakes with calipers. This photo also shows more carburetor possibilities.
Iceman Collections Chevrolet 572 Big-Block Engine
Price: $19.99 (full engine) plus $4.50 shipping
Available from: or check out Iceman Collections on Facebook

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I tripped over this resin caster a couple of months ago while I was looking for some resin accessory parts. Joel Mendoza at Iceman Collections offers a wide variety of well-done resin accessories, but also offers some complete kits like this 572 Chevy engine. 

What you see here is the basic block with different accessories. Iceman sells on eBay and offers several different versions of this engine with unique intake and accessories. You can get the engine with carburetors, with fuel injection, and with a supercharger. A complete engine sells for $19.99 plus shipping.

The parts are sharp and crisp with great detailing. The blue parts in the photo are cast from his original masters, done the hard way (carving and shaping).

The gray parts are cast from 3D printed masters. If you check the photos carefully, you can see the raised “572 Chevrolet” on the valve covers, molded locations for spark plugs, carburetor detail, and a wealth of detail on smaller parts like pulleys. 

These are beautifully done. Quality is very high, especially for the price point.

And if you check the eBay page, you’ll find other engines, figures, accessories like “walk/don’t walk” signs, even one of those little donut space-saver spare tires for your trunk. 

This is impressive work. Now to figure out where I can put this monster. 

Best Model Car Parts Corvair Rampside pickup provides a well-cast body with separate side and tail gates.
The side of the body includes the opening for the ramp side gate.
The kit’s curbside chassis provides detail both on the bottom and the top in the cargo bed.
The body includes the wheel wells and cab floor, both side and rear gates, and cab features.
This shot shows headlights, front emblem, steering wheel, hubcaps, and mirrors. Castings are clean with no voids or bubbles.
The kit provides four-wheel backs and wheels. You’ll need to find tires, but these wheels fit most AMT tire sets.
Interior features include nicely detailed, separate side panels, detailed dash, and a seat with fabric pattern.
Best Model Car Parts 1961 Chevrolet Corvair Rampside pickup
Price: $78.00 plus $8.25 shipping
Available from: eBay at bestmodelcarparts

Click on images to enlarge them.

Chevrolet’s Corvair Rampside pickup was kind of a response to the Volkswagen Type 2 Transporter. Like the Corvair cars, the engine was in the rear and was air-cooled.

To provide better access to the cargo bed, Chevy designed the truck with a side gate that also served as a ramp—hence the name. 

Michael Hanson at Best Model Car Parts has been providing graphics for detailing model cars for many years, things like license plates and instrument panels. A few years ago, he started offering some resin cast kits, as well.

This Corvair is probably the most elaborate. It consists of about 40 hand-cast parts in a bright white resin. 

The body includes the ramp side door opening with separate gate, along with a separate conventional tailgate. Detail is crisp and clean. I found no voids or blobs on the surfaces. The body is heavy and somewhat thick, but that doesn’t detract from the appearance. 

A curbside, this kit does not include an engine, but the one-piece chassis is nicely detailed, both on the underside and on top in the cargo bed. The cargo area includes an engine cover. 

The interior consists of separate door panels, cab floor, seat, dash, steering wheel, and a fragile inside rear view mirror. Equally fragile outside mirrors are also provided.

The kit does not include glass for a windshield. You’ll need to use some clear plastic and will have to do some cutting and pasting, but the windshield is a simple curve. 

Other parts include wheel outers and inners (with backing plate detail), headlights, a couple of emblems, front and rear bumpers, and dog dish hubcaps for the wheels. 

Some parts will need chrome plating, Alclad II, or Molotow’s pen. No plated parts are provided. 

Michael Hanson includes an instruction sheet for this project.

The kit looks straightforward and will provide you with a truly unique addition to your collection. I like it. 


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