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MPC Godzilla Planetary Defense Willys

Kit No.: MPC882
Scale: 1/25
Mfr.: Round 2,
Price: $28.99
Comments: 167 injection-molded plastic parts (green, clear, chrome-plated); two metal axles; five vinyl tires; decals
Pros: Fun, easy build; two build options
Cons: Cardboard backdrop a little fussy; Godzilla folded in half
As a kid, almost every Saturday morning my time was occupied by cartoons, and in the afternoon was Thriller Theater. A special surprise was those movies in which enormous monsters would emerge to raise havoc on the puny humans. With the release of the latest Godzilla movie, it makes sense Round 2 would build on the nostalgia.

The MPC Planetary Defense Vehicle (PDV) from Invasion of the Astro-Monster is based on its WWII MB Willys jeep kit. The decal sheet provides markings for the PDV or a WWII build and also gives you the option to build a Willys Surrey with canopy and chrome hub caps.

A cardboard backdrop is also included and depicts a mountain range, power line towers, and Godzilla.

The 13-piece, four-cylinder flathead assembles well with little flash and is a fair representation of the Willys engine.

The chassis presented no problems, and the rear-suspension assembly also included a tiny exhaust system. The wheels (military or Surrey) attach to the metal axles with slip rings. The engine and driveshaft then mount to the chassis with solid locators.

The eight-piece interior mounts into the body tub and represents the basic needs for the military. However, the details for the five gauges on the dash were almost nonexistent and practically disappear under a coat of primer and paint. I detailed them with gauge decals from my spares.

The main body fit on the chassis cleanly, and then the grille, windshield frame, and bumpers went on without any hiccups.

Lastly, I assembled and installed the 106mm recoilless rifle on the jeep’s rear. If you decide, like I did, to use the big gun, you will not use the tailgate, which is clearly shown in the instructions.

Decals for the PDV consist of two license plates, unit markings, stars and the badge for the grille.

With youthful excitement, I happily punched out the cardboard parts for the mountainous backdrop and mighty Godzilla. I was a little disappointed to find Godzilla folded in half. I taped wooden craft sticks to his back to keep him standing. The power line tower has
multiple parts and will require tape or white glue to assemble.

By the end, I was so into the build that I watched Invasion of the Astro-Monster. If you watch carefully, you’ll see two instances when PDVs with the 106mm rifle are on screen.

As expected, the Planetary Defense Vehicle was a fun and relaxing build that took minimal effort.

I was able to relive a part of my childhood, and I have the lyrics to a certain song from the rock band Blue Öyster Cult stuck in my head: “Oh, no! They say he’s got to go! Go! Go! Godzilla, yeah.”


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