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AMT 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T

AMT No. AMT1117M
Molded Colors: White, black vinyl, chrome, clear
Scale: 1/25
MSRP: $26.99
Pros: Popular subject; good fit; sharp decals
Cons: Sink marks; window gaps
The interior features a detailed dash with decals for gauges, heater controls, and nav screen.
The AMT 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T could be considered a combination promotional and snap kit. The major components assemble using molded pins, but you need glue to keep most of the pieces in place. It is a curbside kit, so there is no engine. The baseplate is well detailed and attaches to the body with four screws.

Assembling the body — including front and rear bumpers, hood, rear spoiler, and front air dam — everything lines up as it should. However, there are a few of places for improvement: The bumper-to-body joins need some sanding to achieve a smooth transition.

The rear lid suffers from deep sink marks where the chassis mounting posts are molded. When I test-fit the front bumper to the air dam, a gap was apparent on the left side. I glued a shim to the trailing edge of the bumper to fill the gap. The rear spoiler needed a bit of work to sit flat.

The interior features a detailed dash with decals for the gauges, heater controls, and navigation screen. The door panels appear accurate. The front bucket seats and rear bench are molded in a hard, black, vinyl. Decals representing pleats are provided for the seats. I wanted to paint the interior a dark gray and had concerns that the paint might not dry on the vinyl. They received a light coat of Tamiya primer first — it dried, so all was well.

Paint the interior side of the rear wheel wells so you don’t see white plastic between the rear seat and the door panels.

A one-piece clear insert includes the windshield, rear window, and quarter glass. The quarter glass didn’t fit well, so I cut each one loose before installation. The perimeter mask on all the windows is pre-painted, but you need to paint around the recessed edges. I filled a gap between the roofline and where the glass stops at the top of the windshield with shims. You might consider cutting and attaching all the windows separately.

The headlights are clear and have long pins to ease installation. The taillight panel is clear and needs to be painted red on its back.

The detailed baseplate benefits from careful painting. Secure the baseplate before installing the bumpers.

The tires and wheels are nicely realized, although there is no brake detail. Metal axles are driven into the wheels. I removed 1/16 inch from each end of the axles to get the tires to fit inside the wheel wells. (I was afraid if I didn’t shorten the axles that I’d push them through the wheels.)

The decal sheet includes red, white, and black hash stripes, a couple of sets of gauges and emblems, and mirrors, and the decals were a dream to use. My only issue was the Challenger and R/T decals disappeared when placed on the grille. This might be a place where the extra set of markings proves beneficial.

AMT has given us one of those kits whose result is what you make of it. Easily a weekend build, by correcting some minor issues you can have a very nice Challenger for your collection.


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