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MPC Deserter

Deserter 1984 GMC
MPC No. MPC847/12
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene
Molded Colors: Black, white, clear
Scale: 1/25
MSRP: $29.99
Pros: Fun build; minimal flash; not too many fit/assembly issues
Cons: Dash contacts bottom of windshield; lift blocks need better mounting points
This MPC 1984 GMC pickup kit was first issued as the The Fall Guy truck and reissued again in the 1990s.

This newest issue has been named “Deserter.” The kit has only one set of large Desert Dog tires, but there are two sets of chrome wheels; probably from a previous issue.

This issue of the kit has little flash on the parts, but that’s typical of older MPC tooling.

The engine is a two-piece block/transmission assembly with separate heads, valve covers, oil pan, and intake manifold. It does have a separate two-piece water pump, along with the normal fan belt/alternator assembly.

Also separate fuel pump, oil filter, distributor, starter motor, carburetor, air cleaner, and a choice of two styles of exhaust manifolds. The exhaust pipes are separate pieces, and they fit well.

The frame is a unit molded with the front inner fenders, cab floor, and a small spare tire in the rear.

The four-wheel-drive unit is two-piece axles front and rear, with the leaf springs molded to the top halves of the axles. There are separate drive shafts and shocks.

This is the tall version four-wheeler, so it has lift blocks on all four corners of the front and rear axles. All of the parts of the front and rear units go together fairly well until you get to those lift blocks; they don’t have nice, positive mounting points. I used plastic weld and super glue to hold them firmly in place.

There is a separate transfer case that mounts on the end of the transmission.

The interior is a straightforward build, and looks good with some added detailing.

The glass does not fit tightly up into the cab, so I recommend cutting the front glass from the rear. The dash bumps into the bottom of the front windshield, causing a bit of a gap, but it’s not too noticeable.

The firewall, with separate brake booster, glues to the cab. The radiator support, with radiator, battery, and horn, mounts to the chassis in front of the inner fenders.

The bed, with separate movable tailgate and the cab, mounts nicely onto the chassis.

A little stretching out of the front fenders and cab bottom will get the cab onto the chassis.

The front grille and bumper mount nicely to the front of the cab. The two- piece side mirrors and chrome steps under the doors are a couple of good-looking touches.

The rear bumper mounts to the rear ends of the frame, and there is not much location surface to work with.

The tailgate gets a nice chrome trim piece that is usual fare for the upscale GMC over the sister Chevrolet.

The last parts to be attached to the pickup are the 4x4 stuff, such as the roll bar and lights assembly to the bed, and the crash bar/lights and winch to the front bumper. There is a ball hitch for the rear bumper.

This was a fun build. If you like the 1980s GMC/Chevrolet trucks, this kit is a must-have!


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