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All you need to know about a lowboy towing truck

Lowboy trailers are renowned for their reliability and durability. Heavy equipment is used extensively in the towing.

Why are they referred to for being lowboy trailers?

They are referred to as lowboy trailers because they travel at a low level compared to standard flatbed trailers. Flatbed trailers are typically used to transport equipment of normal size. However, lowboys can transport equipment and machinery that are up to 12 feet in height. Lowboy trailers have an automatic double-level drop-down mechanism that isn’t available on standard flatbed trailers. Double-level drop-down means that the lowboy trailer comes with two drops at the top of the deck.

Lowboy tow truck

What are the lowboy trailers employed to do?

They are used extensively for transporting equipment, machinery, and cargo from various industries. They are a common element in farming, construction, freight transportation, and mining throughout the globe. The lowboy trailers may also be called “low loaders,” floating, double drop, or low beds according to the location of the world in which you reside. They’re all semi-trailers with dropping decks.

Lowboy trailers can transport large equipment that needs to be road-worthy even though it is equipped with wheels, such as backhoes, dump trucks, and bulldozers. They have two drops connected to the trailer, which lets larger equipment that is nearly impossible to take apart be moved around areas with low clearances.

The standard height limit for freights is 8 feet which taller machines typically exceed when transported using a different kind of trailer. The maximum weight for a lowboy trailer that has two axles is approximately 40000 pounds; however, the weight limit could be increased to 80000 pounds due to it being the total weight for the load and trailer; however, this is dependent on the total number of axles needed.

Types of Lowboy Trailers

There are various kinds of lowboys. The three most popular lowboy trailers are the (RGN) high-quality, removable gooseneck, The (FGN) lowboy with a fixed gooseneck, and finally, the fixed neck lowboy.

Lowboys with detachable or removable gooseneck trailers are extremely useful when the required equipment has to be rolled, pulled, or driven over to the truck’s bed. Additionally, you can lift heavy equipment from above when necessary. You may choose to utilize an ejectable Gooseneck Lowboy when your items can be moved off the bed of your trailer. However, if a crane is required for loading the goods, it is possible to choose other alternatives.

Fixed gooseneck lowboys can be simple to load from behind due to dropping necks. The gooseneck can be connected to hold this equipment in the trailer bed on bed during transport.
Fixed neck lowboys are attached to the trailer, making them lighter than other lowboy trailers. Fixed necks make it difficult to load the equipment at the rear.

The best method to locate your Lowboy trailer would be to communicate with the company that provides trailer services to discuss your requirements and help you according to your needs.