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AMT 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Molded Colors: White, clear, vinyl, clear-red
Scale: 1/25
MSRP: $24.99
Pros: Pad-printed tires, minimal fit issues, somewhat low stance
Cons: Challenging decals, old mold, basic engine and interior
Chevrolet’s Chevelle was a mid-sized car built from 1964 through 1978. Based on the General Motors A-body platform, the Chevelle was one of Chevy’s most successful nameplates.

This kit has been around for quite some time and I built mine factory-stock. If this isn’t your taste, there are two options to choose from.

Start with the V8’s 18 pieces. I went with the stock 454 LS6, but the kit gives you the option of building a custom 454 V8 with a high-rise manifold, chrome valve covers, and a fuel-injected platform. While the engine appears complete when finished, it lacks a fuel pump, bracket for the alternator, and a lower radiator-to-engine water hose.

Next were the tires and wheels. The kit provides two wheel options: factory-stock and custom. I thought the chrome plating a little rough on the custom wheels, but it didn’t worry me. The tires, however, are absolutely gorgeous pad-printed Goodyear Polyglas GTs.

The rather generic interior consists of nine parts. I was hoping the door panels were separate pieces for easier detail painting, but they’re part of the tub. Window cranks are molded onto the door panels and are basically invisible. Seatbacks have to be installed on the front seats and the center console is added between them. The back seat also is separate. There are gauge decals for the dash and a chrome gear shifter that plants into the console.

Next is the 13-piece chassis with a molded-in driveshaft and a two-piece differential. Mufflers and pipes are molded together with the differential, so a little detail painting could help spice things up if you desire different colors for this installation.

Also included are two shock absorbers and springs. The front suspension also is molded in place. Once the chassis joins the body, a pair of chrome muffler tips are added and a metal axle holds the rear wheels.

There are clear pieces for the front and rear glass, molded as one unit, and four headlights. The kit also provides  two rear lights molded in transparent red. They are cleanly installed from the bumper’s rear.

I didn’t find many problematic mold lines or body warpage, but I had to tweak the hood for a proper fit. Also, there was a problem fitting the front fascia. You’ll have to remove a bit of plastic from the body’s front light buckets. This problem has always haunted this kit, but with a little patience it turns out great. Do this surgery early so you won’t be tempted to perform it once the body is painted.

The decal sheet contains black and whites stripes, but one of my black stripes tore. So I went on to the white ones, but the hood’s contour didn’t allow them to conform well. I left my Chevelle stripe-less.

Decals for the gauge cluster, Texas and Michigan license plates, “Cowl Induction” hood script, and an air filter decal also are included.

Pairing the chassis to the body was surprisingly, and pleasantly, easy. Yet the finished car sits a tad low out of the box. It wouldn’t be difficult to modify its stance though.

Finally, the instructions call for the rear bumper to be installed. I had painted the Chevelle’s body orange, which contrasted well with the car’s chrome and black accents.

The kit’s chrome tree was acceptable, but the plating on the custom rims was rough and overdone. However, the pad-printed tires really make this bow tie pop. I enjoyed the build and with a steady build pace and and dedication to detail it results in a convincing replica of this muscle car legend.


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