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AMT 1923 Ford Model T

1923 Ford Model T
AMT No. 860
Model Type: Injection-molded
Molded Colors: Red, black, clear
Scale: 1/25
MSRP: $23.99
Pros: Decals laid down flawlessly; vinyl tires fit well; good detail
Cons: Seat is too wide; some flash to contend with, especially on wheel spokes
The AMT 1923 Model T has been around for a long time, in multiple guises. This Coca-Cola rendition is a reissue of the delivery-van version.

The box contains 79 parts (65 are used) molded in “Coke red” and clear. The single-sheet instructions fold out to four pages.

Assembly is broken down into nine steps. These steps feature exploded views with part number, description, and color suggestions noted.

The multipiece frame will be flimsy until the engine is added. The assembly sequence on this build was: front crossmember, rails, engine, transmission support, and rear crossmember.

There is a notch at the rear of the rails that the instructions show the rear crossmember set into. If done this way, the wheelbase will be too short, which sets the front tires too far back in relation to the front fenders.

Adding a 1/32 inch spacer to the end of the frame rails and gluing the crossmember to them is one solution. With this spacer installed, and using the rear spring’s locating pin on the bottom of the floor, everything mounted to the frame will move forward, correcting the wheelbase. Care must be taken to keep the frame square.

The fenders are separate and were glued to the floor prior to the frame assembly, then used to help align the frame.

The engine is basic but does have a separate intake/exhaust manifold, starter, generator, fan belt, and fan. There is an upper radiator hose, but no lower hose. There is a separate tailpipe with muffler.

The rear axle, driveshaft, and wishbone are molded as one, with the spring separate. The front axle and spring are a single piece, with the tie rod and wishbone separate. Metal axles are used front and rear.

The wheel spokes show mold misalignment, and require cleanup. The wheels have quite a bit of detail, and with careful painting will stand out. The tires are vinyl, and fit well.

All body panels were painted prior to assembly. The sides and rear panel align to the floor using tabs that have been molded with each piece. Another set of hands would have been useful at this point to get everything lined up.

Instead, L-shaped plastic runners were glued to the sides and rear panels over their tabs. These were then slid down over the floor tabs, holding the sides in position.

The clear windows were glued in prior to the body assembly. The radiator shell needed to be raised to align with the hood and cowl. The headlights feature clear lenses.
The interior consists of a seat assembly, pedals, hand brake, steering wheel, and column. The seat is too wide to allow the body sides to mate up to the floor, so sanding is needed on the seat sides. The instructions show the seat with no back support, but the unused parts include seat backs from the Depot Hack version.

The decals are a highlight. A variety of Coke logos and slogans are available. They laid down flawlessly. There is no decal for the license plate.

There is a colorful cardboard base and backdrop to be used to display your Coca-Cola van.

Even though this is an older mold and has some flash to contend with, it is always a welcome rerelease. With a little patience, your reward will be an attractive delivery van to display.


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