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Aoshima Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4

Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4
Aoshima No. 01376
Model Type: Injection-molded
Molded Colors: White, gray, black, clear
Scale: 1/24
MSRP: $39.56
Pros: Parts are flash-free, mold lines minimal
Cons: Sink marks on front bumper
Aoshima has been on a roll of late, with a string of new sports-car releases.  The latest is Lamborghini’s replacement for the Gallardo: the Huracan LP610-4. 

The US release of the kit (green car on the box art) comes with four sets of wheels: two different styles in silver and the same two styles in a blue chrome and red chrome finish! You also get two options for the engine deck lid. 

Parts are flash-free, and mold lines are about as nonexistent as you can get.  Body parts are molded in white, engine bits in silvery gray, and the rest in black. 

Taillamp lenses are molded in translucent red and orange, so no tinting is necessary. Painting the window trim will be a snap; a sheet of diecut masks is provided for that otherwise-tedious task.

Assembly starts with the pan-style chassis. Surface detail is impeccably molded. There is some masking required for painting different sections, but the panels are pretty well defined and relatively flat, so it’s not too difficult. 

The suspension is simplified, with the lower A-arms molded into the chassis; but this does ensure that all four wheels sit squarely on the table. Outer surfaces of the brakes have excellent detail, but the backsides have no caliper detail.  Caliper decals are included.

The engine is somewhat less than “full detail” but is more than adequate for what will be seen. 

Start with the left and right halves of the block and transaxle housing, add cam covers, the intake plenum, exhaust and a couple other parts (16 total) and the engine is complete. 

The painting instructions offer some detail, but aren’t imaginative regarding color; everything is silver or flat black, so mix things up by varying shades and sheens and it will help spruce things up.

Add the rear suspension, half-shafts, completed engine, rear fenderwells, and the chassis is done.

If you haven’t picked out a body color, do it before starting the interior; then look at pictures of the interior. I think you’ll find that most of them are much more colorful and striking than what the instructions indicate.

The instructions are actually quite good as far as the details for the center console, dash and steering wheel go.  Molded detail is also good for the dash, console, and door panels.

There is a clear part for the instrument cluster and three decal options for the display, but it’s not clear if the decal should mount to the back or front of the part.

There is also a tiny crest for the steering wheel.

Aoshima appears to have captured the sleek lines of the Huracan to perfection. Seam lines require only a quick swipe of a sanding stick to eliminate. There are a couple of slight sink marks on the front bumper that could use a dab of filler. Fit of the front bumper is excellent, but takes a little finessing to get it right.

The molded grilles look OK but could definitely benefit from the available photoetched detail set.

Some nifty engineering allows for the front running lights and taillights to be lit up if desired (supply your own LEDs, battery, and the rest). 

The taillight lenses, especially the turn signals, don’t have any positive locating pins or real gluing surface. I used clear paint carefully applied to the edges to secure them. 

Instructions show to install the rear diffuser after the body and chassis have been mated. It can be installed prior, but you’ll need to leave off the rear wheels.


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