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AMT 2016 Camaro SS

2016 Camaro SS
AMT No. AMT982M/12
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene snap kit
Molded Colors: Black, white, clear
Scale: 1/24
MSRP: $21.99
Pros: Good detail; parts snap together securely; good weekend-type project
Cons: Hard to attach tires to wheels
The 2016 model year marks the beginning of the sixth generation of Chevy’s Camaro. This new snap kit from AMT is the SS version of the iconic muscle car. 

Basically an unassembled dealer promo, parts count is not high (only 42), but don’t interpret that as meaning there isn’t any detail. Detail is actually pretty good; it’s just all molded together.

Assembly starts with the interior.  Separate sides allow for some good door panel detail, although the delicate items, such as door and window switches, are a little soft. 

Dash detail is also well-molded, with decals provided for the instruments and steering wheel. A little bit of detail- painting and it really comes to life. 

Seats are molded in two parts, and although they snap together quite well,  I glued them so they could be properly deseamed. 

n fact, everything snaps quite securely; some will probably be a little difficult for a youngster.

Next is the chassis, which basically amounts to attaching the wheels, brakes, and tires. Typical for a promo, the chassis is a single piece, with all of the detail molded in.

Detail is good, and a little bit of detail paint, and maybe a light drybrushing to bring out the highlights will enhance the overall look. 

The tires have a good asymmetrical tread pattern, but it was a bit of work getting them stretched over the locating rib on the wheel. Chamfering the edges with a file or knife blade would probably have helped. Pressing the wheels onto the metal axles requires a pretty good amount of pressure.

AMT has done a fantastic job with the body – especially considering it’s all done in one piece. Proportions look to be spot-on to my untrained eye, and the molding is done well. 

Cleanup was a breeze, with only minimal sanding needed on a couple of seam lines. 

I probably spent the most time masking and painting the front grille, headlights, and side-window trim. 

Speaking of side windows, be careful of paint buildup – the fit is tight. 

The windshield has the trim pre-painted, and the rear window has the trim and defroster lines printed on. Thanks, AMT! 

Even the taillight lenses are pre-painted, although they could probably be darkened up a bit. 

The mounting tabs for the headlight covers were a little too “visible” to me, and I was concerned about being able to snap them in place without breakage, so I sanded them flush, polished them, and glued them in place with a little Pledge Floor Care Multisurface Finish (aka Future). 

Decals are provided for the badging (with a few spares), body stripes, and a couple of different license-plate options.  There is also a duplicate set of markings in sticker form.

Despite its simplistic construction, the kit really does make a nice-looking model. If you’re looking for a good “weekender,” this just might be the ticket!


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