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Revell 1962 Corvette Gasser

1962 Corvette Gasser
Revell No. 85-4949
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene
Molded Colors: White, clear
Scale: 1/25
MSRP: $22.99
Pros: Popular subject; parts fit; optional top
Cons: Mold lines on body
Revell is at it again, and it's offering a cool one with this release. It is based on the recent issue of the 1962 Corvette Roadster, but this time you have the option of building a Gasser. Even though there are lots of parts similar to the recent new tooling, there are a lot of newly tooled parts for this one.

The kit consists of 198 parts, with many of the parts bagged and well protected.

The engine consists of 29 parts, and most of it is chrome. Upon completion, the engine looks great, especially with the high blower scoop at the top and the beautifully done headers by the side.

The chassis consists of 14 parts. The frame is separate from the floor pan and makes painting and detailing a breeze. The addition of the traction bars was a great touch; they look phenomenal when installed on the rear leaf springs.

The front suspension consists of six parts, with the axle, steering linkage, leaf springs and shocks molded in chrome. I suggest the use of a strong glue where the axle meets the leaf springs; it will make for a sturdier build.
The instructions call for the installation of the engine to the chassis in conjunction with the radiator, drive shaft and wheel/tire combo after all of the suspension is complete.

You get two cool-looking drag slicks for the rear, and two small tires for the front. The wheels are beautifully done and the chrome is crisp and clean. I painted the centers a little darker to give them a bit more contrast, and sanded down the rear slicks to give more of a correct, drag-style look.

The interior consists of 13 parts, and when carefully detailed, will give this car a great look. The front seats are a one- piece affair, and the instructions call for the addition of seat belt decals.

There is also a roll bar that is mounted around the seats. There are 10 decals, which are added for items such as the gauges on the dash, clock, stick shift, and steering wheel. The completed assembly attaches firmly to the firewall, and goes together with no issues.

The body looks beautiful and captures the lines of the car precisely. There are several heavy mold lines that have to be addressed, specifically in the front end between the headlights. You might have some issues trying to remove this mold line because the Corvette letters are molded just below it; but you do have the option of replacing the letters with decals.

The front headlight bezels are separate, but I took the liberty of mounting them before painting. This way, possible paint-matching issues are eliminated.

The bumpers are crisply coated in chrome, and fit perfectly. The hood fits great, though I suggest some light sanding on the sides.

This kit includes a top, which was a great addition. The rear glass completes the installation and must be foiled in able to recreate the actual window frame. The front glass is a little more difficult to install; the frame is fragile.

The chassis-to-body fit went well, with few issues. I omitted the rearview mirror. The rear tires were centered perfectly around the rear arc design of the body. The stance looks phenomenal, and captures the Gasser look perfectly. The wheelie bars go together well and look nice. The decal sheet is complete, and includes flame-style decals as well as the gauge decals for the interior, body scripts/emblems, license plates, and sponsor decals.


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