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Tamiya Lola T70 Mk III

Tamiya Lola T70 Mk III
Lola T70 Mk III
Tamiya No. 12043
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene
Molded Colors: White, black, gray, clear
Scale: 1/12
MSRP: $204.00
Pros: Improved detail; new decals
Cons: Tricky engine assembly
After 14 years, the reissue of the 1/12 scale Lola T70 Mk III has returned. The addition of photoetched details and a new set of Cartograf decals for three vehicles sweetens the deal even more.    

There are 11 parts trees, molded in white, gray, black, chrome, or clear. The body is molded in white this time instead of the original issue’s blue, making painting other versions a bit less problematic. A nice set of turned metal intake trumpets for the engine and self-adhesive seat belts are also new additions to the reissue.
Lola T70 engine
Lola T70 Mk III
The assembly starts with the Chevy V-8 engine.  It’s amazing when looking at this compared to the Porsche 910 kit at what a quantum leap forward it is as far as detail and complexity, considering they were tooled only two years apart.  There are still a few clues to its motorized origin, but none that can’t be easily dealt with.  

The assembly of the main block halves is a little tricky. I used a piece glass from an old picture frame as a surface plate of sorts to make sure everything stayed true and square. The same goes for the center of the transaxle. Use a slow-setting glue or liquid cement to give yourself some time to make sure everything is aligned properly. The kit includes spark plug wires and vinyl tubing for the fuel lines and some oil lines. I found that the lengths for the fuel lines on the beautifully detailed Weber carburetors needed a little shortening. This engine is a model all by itself!

The chassis assembly is leaps-and- bounds improved in detail and overall mold quality. The front wheels steer with the steering wheel (sort of) and the suspension really works with coilover shocks with real springs.

The front bulkhead of the monocoque chassis is molded in several pieces, making for a very convincing assembly. Separate parts include the brake master cylinders and fluid reservoirs. The oil coolers and radiator have photoetched grilles to enhance their appearance. There is even some soft corrugated tubing for the fresh-air ducting for the driver.
Lola T70 interior
Lola T70 Mk III rear
Photoetched parts are supplied for the brake disk faces, and really dress them up nicely. Wheels are two-piece affairs, making it easy to paint the center hub black and add the chrome plated out rim. To add a little depth, I added a black wash to the chromed knockoffs. Tires are typical, with well-molded tread detail, but have raised Bridgestone sidewall lettering, which I believe is new; I think most of these cars probably ran with Goodyear or Firestone tires.

I had two major concerns with the body: how was I going to paint all of the separate pieces and have the color consistent throughout, and how would the pieces fit together when done. Thankfully, both came out pretty well.  

I had to trim the two tabs from the lower part of the front clip to allow it to push back far enough to go on. I also had to thin the tab that fits into the slot in front of the windshield. It’s still a bit of a push to get the nose on, but the fit is good. The rear deck needed much the same treatment.  

I thoroughly enjoyed building this model. There were no fit problems that couldn’t be easily remedied, parts cleanup of flash or parting lines was negligible, and detail is fantastic throughout. It was definitely worth the wait. Don’t let this one pass you by.


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