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Fujimi Nissan GT-R Nismo Sports Club Package

Nissan GT-R
Nissan GT-R
Fujimi No. 03799
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene
Molded Colors: White, black, clear
Scale: 1/24
MSRP: $52.09
Pros: Parts true to scale; nice panel lines; good wheels-tiresbrakes
Cons: Flimsy suspension; stance high in front; painting instructions
Fujimi’s latest offering in its sports car series kits is the Nismo Club Sport Edition Nissan GT-R. The 1:1 version has upgraded shocks, exhaust, and special Nismo wheels with Bridgestone track-style tires.

The car appears to be available only in white or pearl white, although my reference photos did not indicate pearl. The instructions indicate to paint the body silver, but every photo I found show the car in white.

The kit does not disappoint; although it is a curbside kit, it has all the Nismo accessories that make it stand out from a stock GT-R kit.

All of the parts are molded crisply and are true to scale. The body has nicely scribed panel lines with separate lower cladding, making it easy to paint them as separate parts and eliminating any tricky masking.

The tradeoff is the hood scoops and center front grille; they need to be carefully masked and painted.

All of the body parts fit together very well, including the hood to the edge of the front fascia. The body hardware – headlights, covers, and taillights – fit very tightly, needing minimal glue. This keeps the chance of marring them with glue virtually impossible. Fujimi supplies window masks that are shaped perfectly to do the inside black borders around all of the windows.

The interior is all Nismo, like its 1:1 counterpart. Fujimi supplies the correct seats to upgrade the kit accurately.

The painting guidelines are a bit off, so it is good idea to refer to reference photos of the 1:1 car to get it right. The instructions indicate painting the entire interior black; I painted my model’s interior semigloss black with flat black accents on the seats.
Nissan GT-R chassis
The chassis is molded in black plastic. Although parts of the chassis are black or carbon on the 1:1 car, the instructions do not indicate anywhere the body color portions that are like the 1:1 car. Again, good reference photos are a must.

The suspension components all fit well, but are extremely flimsy once assembled. None of the suspension parts are really visible after the lower front and rear diffusers are added.

The model is supposed to have posed front wheels, but they don’t work very well after assembly; the front inner hubs interfere with the end of the CV shafts. The wheels, tires, and brakes are the best part of this kit.

The wheels are of proper size and width. The tires are molded crisply, with no flash, and look like exact replicas of the track tires on the 1:1 car.
Nissan GT-R
The brakes are two-piece units with open vents on the outside edges that look quite realistic when built up. The calipers are molded separately from the rotors eliminating tricky painting if they were molded as one piece units. Brembo decals are supplied, but the caliper also has a molded-in Brembo logo, making it difficult to get the decals to lay down well. The wheels slip into poly caps that are installed during the rotor and caliper

Final assembly is a breeze, with the body snapping in place with the chassis and interior.

The final stance is a bit high in the front, and could use modifications to lower it to my tastes.

Fujimi supplies metal transfers for the front grille chrome trim, along with GTR logos. With a bit of carbon-fiber decaling and interior flocking, the car would look perfect.

Even so, it was a joy to build, and the completed car looks very good.


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