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Revell 2008 Bullitt Mustang

2008 Bullitt Mustang
Revell No. 85-4234
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene
Molded Colors: White, black, clear
Scale: 1/25
MSRP: See dealer
Pros: Nice quality and processing; has essential Bullitt elements
Cons: Chunky tires; slightly toy-like frontal aspect

Here's the one many of us have been waiting for: the 2008 commemoration of a certain dinged-and-debadged Mustang made famous by Steve McQueen, still casting its shadow these 40 years hence.

You might have thought Revell would just toss a 2006 body shell into its Shelby GT-H kit, tool up a new grille, and call it a day - but they do take it a bit farther than that.

For example, Revell has indeed molded a Bullitt-specific cold-air intake and strut tower brace, along with the blanked-out grille and some spoiler plugs for the deck lid. Even the five-spoke wheels, though similar to the Shelby's, are distinct.

The remainder of the kit is familiar to anyone who's seen Revell's 2006 GT - including the leftover 2006 grille, spoiler, and intake box.

As such, the Mustang cognoscenti will yet find a few nits to pick.

The seats, which are supposed to be reupholstered GT500 items, don't quite match Bullitt reference photos, nor does the carryover GT shifter. Another Bullitt element is an x-pipe for the exhaust; the 2006 pipes are unchanged in this kit.
The body is pure Revell 2006 GT, down to the holes for the spoiler in the deck lid. Filling them isn't a huge ordeal; you can use the kit-supplied plugs, or some plastic stock and gap-filling super glue.

But as for the rest of the kit, the changes to the 1:1 Mustang have the same effect on the model. Shorn of all the winged, scooped, tape-striped histrionics of other Mustangs, the Bullitt lets the car's unalloyed form shine through in all its pristine badness. The kit is no different.

Pity about the tires. The sidewall profile seemed a bit tall for the initial 55-series rubber on the 2006 GT, and they just look wrong on this model - contributing to an impression that it sits too high, particularly up front. A real shame, because the wheels themselves look sharp when you paint the argent grey centers and then pick out the lug nuts and center cap details.

And when you couple those tires with headlight reflectors that seem fractionally undersized, there's a slight awkwardness this kit shares with the other current Revell Mustangs from the front ¾ view. The rear, on the other hand, shows off those metal exhaust tips to nice effect.

It certainly builds well. The new tower brace and cold-air intake actually clear a closed hood - albeit with a tight- enough margin that you might want to test-fit yours as you go.

It might be helpful to pin the wheel retainers to the suspension, then glue the wheels to them, to prevent the loose, wobbly fit that might result from the instruction sequence.

Getting the chassis/interior assembly into the body is the one moderately tricky part of assembly, so you may be well-advised not to install the flush-mounted windows until that's done.

The decals cover most of the essentials, including comprehensive markings for the radiator shroud/reservoir tank piece, the oil filler, the sun visors, the gearshift pattern, the faux gas cap emblem, the instrument panel, and the wheel centers.

So sourcing some different tires - perhaps from an AMT Supra, or the fronts of a Polar Lights Ford GT, or an AMT Chrysler 300 if you're ready for a lot of work - would make a big difference with this kit.


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