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Fujimi Ferarri 126C2 Long Beach 1982

Ferrari 126C2 Long Beach 1982
Fujimi No. 090337
Model Type: Injection-molded styrene
Molded Colors: Red, black, clear
Scale: 1/20
MSRP: $38.95
Pros: Nice suspension; separate brake rotors and calipers
Cons: Upper body cannot be removed
Despite the fact that the Ferrari 126C2 had its problems, there has been no shortage of kits for it. Fujimi has seen fit to tool up a new 1/20 plastic kit, presumably to fit in with the 1/20 kits from Tamiya.

The kit is molded in red, black and clear plastic. There are two chrome trees and four rubber-like tires. Beautiful decals are provided for the #27 of Gilles Villeneuve and the #28 of Didier Pironi.

The parts layout and the way that the subassemblies are broken down are very similar to Protar's 1/24 scale kit - almost as if the 1/24 kit was used as a guide for this one. The parts are nicely done, and many of them - such as the engine parts - feature nice engraving.

The kit includes the radiators and oil coolers, as well as their related ducting, which fills up the side pods of the car. Ordinarily, this would be a very nice feature; however, the way that the upper body mounts to the chassis turns this kit into a curbside. This is just as well, because I could not get these parts together well. The kit could be re-engineered to allow the upper body to be removed, but it would take a lot of scratchbuilding, especially in the area of the front suspension fairings.

Aside from the ill-fitting parts previously mentioned, the rest of the kit virtually fell together for me. The parts that make up the suspension systems look very fragile, but they build up into very sturdy units.

The separate brake rotors and calipers are a nice touch. This allows the rotors to spin inside the calipers when the wheels are turned. There are dry-transfer Goodyear markings for the tires, but unfortunately the letters are angled instead of straight-up, which is prototypical for that era.

The distinguishing feature about the Long Beach GP car is its split rear wing. This was Ferrari's attempt to get around the new-for-1982 rule limiting the width and size of the wing. The car was allowed to race in this configuration, but was disqualified soon after the race. Be very careful when you assemble this part, so that you do not put it together backwards, as I did the first time.

I am happy with the way my kit turned out. It's not perfect, but it looks good on my shelf. I hope that Fujimi will continue making 1/20 F1 kits - maybe filling in some gaps by doing some cars that Tamiya didn't.


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