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1969 Yenko Camaro S/C 427 Coupe

October 2004
1969 Yenko Camaro
Revell-Monogram No. 85-2826
Model Type: Injection-molded plastic kit
Molded Colors: White, chrome, clear, clear red, black vinyl tires
Scale: 1/25
MSRP: $14.95
Pros: Excellent decals, crisp moldings with minimal flashing and dimples, above-average engraving
Cons: Vague mounting points and positions for some parts, generic tires, no information given on factory color options, scratches on glass and chrome pieces
After I received this kit, I did a thorough Internet search to determine just how good Revell-Monogram's Yenko Camaro really is; they nailed it. It's not without minor flaws, but is probably one of the nicest Camaro models available.

One of the first things I do when starting a kit is trial-fit the major components. According to the instructions, the assembled floor pan is installed and the rear valance is glued in place after the body has been painted.

I could not get the rear valance in position when dry-fitting the parts; there were no mounting tabs for positive location. I decided to install the valance, but as I fixed one problem I generated another.

With the rear valance in place, the floor pan is too long to fit inside the body. I had to remove approximately 1/8 inch from the rear of the floor pan, so I could install the pan and not have to worry about super glue (and super glue fingerprints) all over the freshly-polished paint.

The engine is R-M's Chevy 427, updated with a beautiful Holley double-pumper first seen in the Revell '32 three-window Ford. Unfortunately, when the air cleaner assembly is installed, the carburetor is invisible.

The instructions show the headers are to be painted aluminum, but the proper color would be flat white to simulate the high-temperature paint used at the factory.

There are no flanges to help position the headers; this is critical, or else the engine assembly will not fit into the floor pan. Skip ahead to the exhaust assembly and assemble according to the instructions. Do not mount to the floor pan. After the glue has dried, the front pipes can be used to help find the proper position for the headers.

The battery mounts too high on the core support brace mounting slot. This flaw does not show up until after the kit is almost complete, and after the floor pan is mounted inside the body you don't want to try to disassemble the model.

The upper hose is too short to reach from the radiator to the engine intake manifold. I straightened the bend in the upper hose slightly and repositioned the engine to overcome this problem.

I could not find a way to install the lower hose in the water pump inlet and then get it to line up and then get it to line up with the radiator outlet. The lower hose now resides in the parts box.

My model's exhaust assembly was badly warped (a packing problem). I had to stretch and twist the assembly so it would align with the headers.

The prototype's wheels have polished rims and flat-surfaced spokes, but the kit's wheels are solid chrome. I painted the wheel centers with Testor's Flat Steel enamel, leaving the lug nuts and center cap chrome. There's a groove molded into one side of the tires, but I could not get the red paint to flow properly. I cleaned the tires and added Goodyear decals from the parts box.

The interior build is straightforward. The engraving is good and with the seats and side trim panels separate from the interior, tub detailing is easy.

The body must be spread radically at the rocker panels to get the floor pan assembly to slip into place. The firewall must be glued to the body first; do not glue the sides of the firewall to the inside of the fenders.

I liked this kit so much I have purchased another to replicate one of Roger Penske's Trans Am Camaros. Although I would not recommend this model for someone with just a few kits under his belt, I do recommend it wholeheartedly to intermediate-to-experienced builders.


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