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Reference for auto colors

Q: Where can I go to get information on actual auto colors? I could really use a reference like that when building Factory Stock models.

Joe DeSantis
   Xenia, Ohio

Ken: Another concise, right-to-the-point question! Generally we’re not exactly a wealth of information when it comes to research, but we do happen to have an answer for this one, Joe.  

Go to for just about the most complete reference library of prototype colors we’ve ever seen. Just punch in the year, make, and model, and you get the color charts that you need.  

Remember, the accuracy will only be as good as your computer’s monitor, but this will give you a great start.  

The site also has a huge number of links to a whole bunch of automotive paint products – many of which are
useful to modelers.  

Be prepared to spent some time looking around that site. We hope this helps, Joe. Thanks for the question.
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